World Water Day 2021

Water means different things to different people. Join Danny Kushmer as he and his daughter, Kaylie Kushmer have a conversation about water around the world on #WorldWaterDay. The Lakes Education Action Drive Podcast is designed to inform our members, residents, and visitors of Polk County the importance of our most precious resource, water. Kaylie is […]

January Podcast

Listen to January’s Podcast on upcoming State and Federal Legislation on Water. Or, read the transcript here. Okay, 2020 was the year of COVID-19 resulting in 15 days to flatten the curve. Well, 15 days turned into all-year and shutting down business, locking loved ones in the home, and cancelling so many outdoor activities. The […]

Perfect Plants for Pollinators

Re-Blogged from the University of Florida Pollinator Attraction Bringing pollinators to your garden is an important step in building a healthy landscape. Several pollinator plants such as anise hyssop, Walter’s viburnum, and chaste tree are excellent pollinator plants. Pollinators provide much needed ecosystem services and their presence should be encouraged whenever possible. Each of the […]

Getting Kids Outdoors Project

Evidence points to the fact that children gain their most powerful understanding of their natural environment through exploring it for themselves. However, within formal education, educators are often hampered from facilitating this exploration beyond the classroom by the pressures of the curriculum, health and safety concerns, and restricted budgets.  LE/AD, with help from a grant […]